First Kill

First Kill (2017)

5 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: On the way to hunting, there are some trees with early Fall foliage and there are trees with yellow leaves behind Aunt Dottie's house. All other times, especially obvious when Will and his family were going home, the tree leaves are green. (00:08:38 - 01:35:15)


Continuity mistake: Levi took two mouth-shaped bites out of his blue frosted toaster pastry, leaving a small piece between the mouth-shaped bites. Before taking another bite, the bite marks on his pastry are different. The blue frosting also changes sides, from facing him to facing Danny. (01:14:10)


Revealing mistake: When Will and Danny are walking in the woods to go deer hunting, it is raining on the right half of the screen but not the left. (00:19:04)


Character mistake: Aunt Dottie, pointing to Will's Range Rover, said, "You're not taking that thing out tomorrow, are you? That thing's gonna get stuck before you can get started. You take the Ridgeline. That'll handle anything up there [mountains]." A Range Rover has great capability in all types of terrain and is rated as one of the best off-road SUV's - more than can be said for the Honda Ridgeline. (The movie is not classified as a comedy). (00:11:40)


Factual error: Will's Range Rover has a rear New York license plate but not the required front plate. (00:08:25)


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