Breakthrough (2019)

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Continuity mistake: In church, Mrs. Smith was seated at the aisle, John was to her right, and Mr. Smith was next to John. After John stood up, he was standing next to the aisle and his mother was not there. In a wide view two seconds later, Mrs. Smith is sitting next to the aisle and John and Mr. Smith are to her right again. Also, when John was standing at the aisle, he was very close to the pews on the opposite side, but when Mrs. Smith was sitting next to the aisle, the aisle was about three times as wide. (00:17:32 - 00:18:23)


Factual error: Three details were omitted on the Miller's car's license plate: the month was missing in the upper left-hand corner; a "15" (2015) sticker was missing in the center of the plate; and, "Show Me State" was not written at the top below "Missouri." (00:16:46)


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