Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy (2019)


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Title Card: The sins of the father are to laid upon the children. -William Shakespeare.
Title Card: There is no-one else like my daddy. -Beyoncé.

Ronald Plum: I'm kinda breaking the fourth wall here, but I have this theory: bad guys have eyes that look like raisins. Small and dark, you know?

Norval Greenwood: I'm not someone you can pigeonhole, if I'm completely honest. Do I produce blazing beats? Yes. Do I tinkle the ivories? Yes. Do I promote high-profile events pertaining to music and the performance of music? Yes.

Brian: You're going to have to dislocate my thumb, I'm afraid.

Gordon: Just so you know, if you want to impress me, I like fight stories. Ever been in a fight?
Norval Greenwood: No.
Gordon: I have. I once accidentally kicked a guy's ear off. I didn't mean to, but the fucker flew off. I could see right into his skull. Good night.

Jethro: I fucked her. I fucked her in an abandoned factory, to be precise. But I lost my erection. Because from certain angles, she reminded me of Michael Heseltine. Michael Heseltine, if you're wondering, is a British politician from the 1980s.

Norval Greenwood: I'm not a murderer.
Brian: You just killed somebody literally five minutes ago.

Other mistake: Jethro said to Brian, "Shall I tell you how I know you're lying? Because when you said that, you looked up to your left." However, Brian looked to his right and Jethro even pointed to Brian's right when he was telling Brian that he looked to his left. (00:56:00)


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