Stockholm (2018)

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Factual error: "Polis" is written on two police vans outside the Stockholm bank Taj (Ethan Hawke) is robbing, but police in Sweden are "polismyndigheten" or commonly known as "polisen" (the police). The word "polis" actually means "city." Also, police in Sweden have traditionally used Volvo cars or wagons, not mini vans. (00:13:03)


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Suggested correction: Actually all police cars in Sweden have the word "POLIS" on them.

Suggested correction: This is a picture from the event in the movie. Https:// The Swedish Polis during the '60 and '70 used VW Beetles, VW vans, Porsche 911 and others. Not just Volvos.

Continuity mistake: In the vault scene arguing/fighting with Gunnar, Taj/Lars had a clump of hair sticking up in the middle of the top of his head during most front views, but not rear views. (01:03:10 - 01:04:11)


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Trivia: Lars requested (demanded) a "Mustang [Boss] 302" from the police to flee the bank robbery. Lars did not specify what year, but 1969-1972 and, possibly, 1973 are relevant to the August 23, 1973 real-life incident. The Mustang 302 was blue and it might seem easy to identify its shade, but that's not the case. Historically, there have been almost 900 colors for the Mustang's paint and there are a variety of blues. "Grabber Blue" was popular when the Mustang 302 emerged, as was "Acapulco Blue."


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