Assailant (2022)

3 mistakes

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Character mistake: Erin, a nurse, looked at Jason's bruise in the woods and said, "It's really hard to tell what it is. I mean, could be internal bleeding." Technically, ALL bruises are caused by internal bleeding (but the bleeding doesn't break through the skin). A nurse should know the possible signs/symptoms of internal bleeding (the serious type), such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of balance, change in vision, low blood pressure, etc. and the nurse should have at least checked for a rapid heartbeat. (00:49:20)


Factual error: Henry appeared to punch Jason higher on his left side and more toward the back than where the bruise was later shown to be (closer to his waist). More significantly, the bruise quickly changed colors from red/blue-purple to the entire large area being bluish-purple and deep purple. However, bruises typically take at least one or two days to change to deep purple. (00:45:55 - 00:49:19)


Continuity mistake: The angle (from diagonal to more horizontal) and appearance (from bloody and jagged to a continuous thin line) of the cut on Zoe's forehead changed within a short amount of time. (00:47:16 - 00:47:43)


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