Deadlock (2021)

2 mistakes

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Character mistake: Seargent Fulbright and his three member team stormed the front and back doors with weapons drawn and said, "Hey!" followed by "Get down!" seven times, "Get the f - down!" twice, and "Put your f-ing hands in the air!" twice BUT never identified themselves as police officers as required. They arrived in a fake company van, were not wearing police uniforms (just plain jackets with "POLICE" across the back) and had badges on neck chains that were not highly visible and looked more like toys. (00:02:45)


Continuity mistake: When two officers go to inform Ronald Whitlock (Bruce Willis) about his sons, Ronald shoots his pistol at the Black officer and hits him near his inner right eyebrow. (A large black spot can be seen between his eyebrows.) When the camera shows the dead officer, the black mark is gone and the bullet hole is on his forehead centered about 2" above his left eye. (00:06:40)


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