The Black Phone

Revealing mistake: When Finney is looking for the bike lock's combination written on the wall, the distance between the mattress and that wall (several feet) can be seen. However, the next time Finney wakes up on the mattress, the mattress is against or almost touching the corner, but the mattress was not that close to the adjacent wall. Furthermore, when the Black Phone rings, the mattress is the same distance from the phone as it originally was (which would be several feet away from the wall). (01:04:59 - 01:10:53)


Revealing mistake: The angles of the adjacent walls are not always accurate given the relative position of the mattress on the floor. The mattress is perpendicular to the wall where the Black Phone is attached and at least a few feet away from the adjacent wall. However, when there's a side view of Finney with a front view of the Grabber (about to get up), the wall behind them should be parallel to the mattress but is at an angle. [The position of the mattress in relation to the walls can be seen later.]. (00:29:10 - 00:30:28)


Plot hole: Spoiler Alert: When Finney gets the rope that was hidden in the wall, he needs to thread it through the window bars about 8 feet above his head. After trying to lasso the rope through the bars, he grabs a rolled-up carpet and threads the rope from the bottom of the carpet through the bars and it wraps itself around the bars. There is no way a rope (or even a bendable cable) would be able to thread itself 8 feet through a carpet. After he grabs it, you can tell it's a loose rope, not a stiff wire. (00:51:15)


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