The Black Phone

Factual error: At the breakfast table the father is reading the Rocky Mountain News newspaper, which is quarter folded (like most papers) but the RMN was always a bi-fold paper, like a large magazine, folded down the center. The RMN went out of business a few years ago, but they always used this format.

Factual error: On Saturday morning Gwen and Finney were watching cartoons. This was the day after she spent the night at her friends house which was a Friday night. The cartoon that was on the TV was Davey and Goliath. This cartoon only aired on Sunday mornings.

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Suggested correction: "Davy and Goliath" aired on Saturday or Sunday mornings, depending on the TV station. And, according to Wikipedia, it "premiered in syndication on 2/25/61 as a Saturday feature."


Plot hole: Spoiler Alert: When Finney gets the rope that was hidden in the wall, he needs to thread it through the window bars about 8 feet above his head. After trying to lasso the rope through the bars, he grabs a rolled-up carpet and threads the rope from the bottom of the carpet through the bars and it wraps itself around the bars. There is no way a rope (or even a bendable cable) would be able to thread itself 8 feet through a carpet. After he grabs it, you can tell it's a loose rope, not a stiff wire. (00:51:15)


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