The Black Phone

The Black Phone (2021)

4 continuity mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: The length of the Black Phone's cord changes. The cord that could be seen between the Grabber and Finney was relatively short and had a wide loop at the bottom. When Finney came back from the bathroom, the cord was hanging down about twice as far and the loop was not as wide, making most of the cord look linear. Also, the cut telephone line was barely discernible against the dirty/marred wall but was obvious after Finney tried to use the phone. (00:28:50 - 00:30:21)


Continuity mistake: Spoiler Alert: When Finney digs the hole through the wall with the toilet tank cover, he creates a relatively round hole to the back of the refrigerator. After climbing into the hole and then back out, the hole is now almost perfectly square. (01:16:38 - 01:17:28)


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Suggested correction: I agree that the appearance of the hole changes, but I wouldn't say it went from "relatively round" to "almost perfectly square." (The appearance is probably due to the camera's angle). The hole started out as oval-like but progressed to a rectangular shape with curved corners. When Finney came back, the rectangular shape had squarer corners and straighter/neater edges. [The wording should be changed for accuracy, but I won't edit your wording.].


Continuity mistake: In addition to Finney not being seen cutting the phone's cord (and not having anything to cut it with), the part of the cord that he held was longer than would be expected (even giving allowance for stretching). Also, the phone line that was attached to the wall phone was black before it returned to off-white. (01:27:00)


Continuity mistake: When Gwen and the police are at the house containing the buried bodies of the victims while Finn and the Grabber are fighting, the Grabber's van is not in the carport. However, when Finn exits the house, and he and Gwen embrace, it is. (01:28:03 - 01:34:27)


Plot hole: Spoiler Alert: When Finney gets the rope that was hidden in the wall, he needs to thread it through the window bars about 8 feet above his head. After trying to lasso the rope through the bars, he grabs a rolled-up carpet and threads the rope from the bottom of the carpet through the bars and it wraps itself around the bars. There is no way a rope (or even a bendable cable) would be able to thread itself 8 feet through a carpet. After he grabs it, you can tell it's a loose rope, not a stiff wire. (00:51:15)


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