The Black Phone

Character mistake: In the very beginning at the baseball game the runner is running to second base and the fielder doesn't even try to tag him out. Just runs right by him and gets the ball to the pitcher. (00:00:53)

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Suggested correction: The center fielder missed the ball and the right fielder got it. The second baseman was at the border of the infield and outfield and the right fielder may not have noticed that the short stop moved to cover second base. By this time, the players might have been more concerned over the opposing team scoring a run because a player had advanced to third base. It was a "revealing" mistake or overall "stupidity" by the team as each player was playing "musical positions" moreso than good baseball.


With regard to "revealing", the players may have been instructed to be active on the field and cover bases for each other as needed and this was the "mess" they produced.


Suggested correction: Baseball players make mental errors all the time, even major leaguers.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

I've watched the scene a few times and can't agree or disagree with the mistake, but it certainly doesn't look like a mental error one would see in a game, even a little league game. It just looked like two kids were given directions what to do and the timing might have been off and the director on set didn't bother changing it. (I'm not disagreeing or agreeing with the correction either, just making a statement to help others decide).


Plot hole: Spoiler Alert: When Finney gets the rope that was hidden in the wall, he needs to thread it through the window bars about 8 feet above his head. After trying to lasso the rope through the bars, he grabs a rolled-up carpet and threads the rope from the bottom of the carpet through the bars and it wraps itself around the bars. There is no way a rope (or even a bendable cable) would be able to thread itself 8 feet through a carpet. After he grabs it, you can tell it's a loose rope, not a stiff wire. (00:51:15)


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