15 Minutes

15 Minutes (2001)

12 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: Late in the movie, Jordy is pacing in his apartment. The bandage on his left arm changes several times from being loosely wrapped with gauze hanging, to tightly wrapped, then back to loosely wrapped, then just to his hand being wrapped.

Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning when Eddie is getting out of his car to catch the Jamaican serial killer there is a very clear reflection of the cameraman operating the steadicam.

Continuity mistake: When Emil is looking through Daphne's wallet he has a cigarette in his right hand. From one angle he is holding it at his third knuckle, but from the alternate view it is down to his first knuckle.

Continuity mistake: After the fire in the apartment at the beginning of the movie, Detective Eddie Flemming is interviewed by a reporter regarding a piece of evidence in his hand. A few minutes later, he arrives at the firehouse where he sees the interview on the television with Fire Marshal Jordy Warsaw and the Police Chief. The reporter's question is the same as earlier in the film, however Flemming's response is not.

Continuity mistake: When Emil and Oleg are leaving the restaurant Detective Eddie Flemming shoots at them. Right after that, we get a cut scene of them climbing a wall. We see there that Emil has already climbed and Oleg is trying to. Afterwards we see Emil being shot instead of Oleg.

Continuity mistake: When Jordy Warsaw is waiting in the taxi cab, we see the rate go from $41.80 to $42.00. Right after it flips to $42.00, there is a head shot of the driver. To the right of the driver, you can see "$41". You can't see the cents, but it's definitely gone backwards.

Continuity mistake: When Detective Eddie Flemming has been stabbed and lies dying on the floor, there are rose petals on the floor beside him. The next time we see the same shot they have gone and there is just one petal lying there.

Continuity mistake: Just before Eddie tries to escape from Emil and Oleg, Emil punches him and Eddie bleeds and there is a lot of blood on his jacket's right shoulder. The camera cuts back to Emil and then back to Eddie and from this point and through the rest of the scene the blood has magically disappeared.

Other mistake: During the part where the two Russians are talking in the restaurant, the guy lights up a cigarette, or is already smoking it. It shows in one scene, the ash on the cig is totally about to fall off. When he is looking at the business card it falls off, then when or about 2 seconds later, they show the guy smoking, the long ash is still on the cigarette.

Continuity mistake: In the interview Eddie does after the fire, the cameraman only briefly looks at the timer device he is holding, however, when you see it on the TV later on, the pause on the timer is much much longer.

Continuity mistake: When Emil is telling to Eddie his plan, they start spitting on each other and at some point Emil attacks Eddie. All that time there is a flower in a vertical position on Eddie's jacket. When Emil attacks him, the flower is in a horizontal position and when Emil backs off the flower resumes to a vertical position but now it is upside down. It is also clear from the front views of the scene, that the flower's position changes are not due to Emil's attack.

Continuity mistake: When the Russian and Czech watch their tape on TV and get into a fight, the Russian stabs the Czech in the arm and runs. Later in this scene his arm is bloody yet when he pulls the knife out there is no blood on it.

Emil Slovak: I can kill you - I'm insane.

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