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A Day to Die (2022)

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Factual error: Pettis' calculation of the amount Connor needed to replace his asset was way off. He stated, "[Cornell] brought me about 250 [$250,000] a year. He had at least 20 more years of service. Subtract five years he might have spent in prison, so you owe me, what? Six point two million." Pettis was presented as intelligent, but a quick mental calculation of even the full 20 years at $250,000 would total only $5 million (not $6.2 - an odd sum). For 15 years, the total would be $3,750,000. (00:28:45)


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Mason: You are a fucking drug dealer or a history teacher? You hypocrite motherfucker.
Pettis: Why am I hypocrite? Because I make money the same way white folks do?

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Trivia: Willis' LAST film that will be released. It was filmed about a year before the 4/04/22 announcement that he was diagnosed with aphasia (a type of frontotemporal dementia that affects the ability to speak, write, and understand written language) and "stepping away from acting."


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Suggested correction: I'm not sure what you mean by this is his last film to be released when 3 films have been released since "A Day to Die" came out. Not to mention 2 upcoming films set to be released shortly. Plus, Willis had finished 3 Lionsgate films whose releases are unknown.


Fake news? I read this somewhere on-line.


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