Black Site (2022)

1 factual error - chronological order

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Factual error: Hatchet, the "most dangerous man in the world" would not be transported (via helicopter or any other mode) to the facility/base merely wearing handcuffs, especially in the front without also being chained to ankle shackles. He also would not be shackled to a loose chair once inside the interrogation room. (00:28:40)


Continuity mistake: Numerous times throughout the movie (largely over the course of one day) Abby's hair was inconsistent within and between scenes. It ranged from neatly combed straight back with no obvious part and a low or higher bun to relatively neatly combed back but angled to the right with a slight or obvious part to messy and frizzy, sometimes with strands dangling in the right front or behind her left ear. With all the "action" going on, she did not have the time or opportunity to comb or fix her hair.


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