Blacklight (2022)

1 character mistake - chronological order

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Character mistake: After Travis confronted FBI Director Gabriel Robinson (killings and telling him to go public about Operation Unity), Gabriel said, "I am the director of the most powerful organization in the world." There may be interpretational issues regarding the meaning of "power" and what constitutes an organization (versus corporation, law enforcement agency, company, etc.), but the FBI is NOT the most powerful organization in the WORLD (the U.N. is?) and probably not even within the U.S. (01:31:50)


Continuity mistake: Travis rearranged a photo on the desk, setting it partially in front of the box and the two pictures were a few inches apart. The next wide view showed the corner of the picture almost aligned with the box or slightly behind it and the two pictures were now almost touching. The angles and locations of the photos changed more than once. (00:09:40 - 00:10:03)


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