Operation Mincemeat

Operation Mincemeat (2021)

3 mistakes

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Other mistake: The body of a man is dropped from a plane into the sea with fake documents to mislead Germans. To convince the enemy that he's a soldier, cause of death needs to pass for drowning. The first drowned corpse viewed has no legs, so Firth keeps looking. He's told that a man who took rat poison to end his life is a good fit since the poison is undetectable. However, no mention is made of the fact that there is no sea water in his lungs - something any coroner would discover. (01:43:40)

Factual error: When Fleming salutes Cholmondeley and Montague, they return the compliment whilst not wearing their headdress. Members of the British armed forces never salute if they are not wearing a hat, instead they would stand to attention.

Factual error: All the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve officers appear to wear green branch distinction cloth ('lights') between their rank rings. Green indicated electrical officers. As non-specialist officers, they shouldn't be wearing any lights at all.


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