Star 80

Star 80 (1983)


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Snider: Well, you can take your magazine, your mansion and your movies and shove'em all up your ass now.

Dorothy Stratten: It took me five months to shoot my Playmate of the Year layout. I shot over 20,000 pictures. It's perfection! They don't go for just - great nude shots. They go for art! Perfect - art. And I'm proud of that.

Nightclub Owner: One thing about that little cocker, he could remember everybody's name. If he just met 'em. If he met 'em five years ago. He always remembered their name! I admire that. It's a real gift. Really.

Snider: Do you know who reads Playboy?
Dorothy's Mother: No. Tell me.
Snider: Movie producers, directors, agents, TV people. The people who produce "Charlie's Angels" read Playboy.

Dorothy's Mother: I don't see any naked pictures of you here, Paul. I don't see any pictures of you with your privates hanging out for the whole world to look at.
Snider: Let's get the camera. I'm willing.
Dorothy's Mother: Oh, I bet you are.

Dorothy Stratten: That's called the bunny dip.

Snider: You know, they're into that sort of thing out here. Just give 'em white teeth, a suntan, and some muscles and bang you're a hit.

Snider: You don't like me, do you?
Dorothy's Mother: I love Dorothy.

Photographer: Playboy is a very special magazine, Dorothy. There's no other magazine like it. All the writers, editors, photographers, all the girls, et cetera, we all have a very special relationship. It's not like any other magazine. We're all like a - well, we're just like a family.

Dorothy Stratten: Things change. I'm not the same girl I was in Vancouver.

Dorothy Stratten: Playboy's motto is: the girl next door. They look for girls that are wholesome and fresh and young and naive. They look for all of that. So, most of those girls do - have that type of background.

Snider: I'm gonna get a license plate that spells out Star 80. It's fame-fucking-tastic! You know, S-T-A-R eight zero. That's you! Star 80! Everybody in this town is gonna know who you are.

Dorothy Stratten: The more he fails, the more he seems to hang on to me.

Robin: You don't suppose he'd do anything crazy, do you?
Geb: Like what?
Robin: I don't know. Like, hurt himself.
Geb: Not if it means mussin' his hair.

Snider: Well, what's your name?
Dorothy Stratten: Dorothy. Can I help you?
Snider: You're beautiful.
Dorothy Stratten: Me? May I take your order now>.
Snider: May I have something sweet, soft and white. You.

Geb: Dorothy had already done the centerfold, Miss August. She had already done parts in "Fantasy Island" and "Buck Rogers." Things were moving fast for her. I became very fond of her. She was handling her public visibility very well. She was maturing very fast for 19. But, to me, she was just a friend. Understand? Just a friend.

Geb: The Rolls is an investment, for me. It's an investment. I'm not into status symbols, like most people out here. It's an investment. Okay?

Snider: Do you think Hefner liked me?
Dorothy Stratten: Paul! Come on.
Snider: I think he'd like me if he just got to know me.

Snider: If you like Italian food, I know a real knock-out place. I'll take you tomorrow night.
Dorothy Stratten: I like pizza.
Snider: Well, this is Northern Italian. Three stars.

Snider: You won't forget Paul Snider.

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