Clifford the Big Red Dog

Trivia: Other than "Big Red" (and an odd shade at that), it isn't clear or specified what breed of dog Clifford is. Labrador seems to be the consensus, but the initial prototype reportedly was a Bloodhound and some assert Clifford is a Giant Vizsla.


Trivia: When Clifford knocks a man in an inflatable ball into the air whilst chasing after him, the man lets out a Wilhelm scream.

Continuity mistake: The angle of the laptop on the kitchen table changed (and no-one was close enough to have moved it). The laptop was initially more evenly aligned with the edge of the (round) table. A little later, the laptop was not visible, but probably should have been. (00:04:09 - 00:04:44)


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Emily Elizabeth: How big is he going to get?
Mr. Bridwell: That depends, doesn't it?
Emily Elizabeth: On what?
Mr. Bridwell: On how much you love him.

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