Marry Me

Marry Me (2022)

3 mistakes - chronological order

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Directed by: Kat Coiro

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, Owen Wilson

Genres: Comedy, Music, Romance

Other mistake: Newscaster Hoda stated that Kat and Bastian would be making history when they exchanged vows "in front of the whole world, 20 million people." IF everyone worldwide watched, the figure would be over 7.8 BILLION. Justin told Collin that Kat and Bastian "have a social reach of over 200 MILLION people." Hoda might have meant 200 (not 20) million. (00:01:02 - 00:01:55)


Character mistake: After the math club students, in unison, cited pi to 3.141592, Percy continued with "65839" - but only the "65" are correct. He should have said "65358..." before being cut off (or "65359" if he was rounding up the last "89793238"). Even though the movie is classified as a comedy, Percy was showing off, but he was wrong. Charlie, Math Club Advisor, also committed a mistake because he stopped Percy by saying "Percy, we got it. Good" (as though Percy was correct). (00:04:29)


Character mistake: Math Club Advisor Charlie should know that the formula for solving the circumference is "C = 2πr" or "C = π x diameter." However, he used "P" (Perimeter) instead of "C" on the blackboard. "Perimeter" does mean the distance around a shape, but the word "circumference" is used for the perimeter of a circle. The formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is different ["P = (L + W) × 2"] and more basic than the formula for a circle, so the "advanced" students should be given the correct term. (00:04:40)


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