When a Stranger Calls Back
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Julia Jenz: Look. Why don't you go bother the people next door, some other house on this block?
William Landis: I have. They're not home. Nobody else is home on this street. Just you.

William Landis: I am not the reflection of anything. I am not an illusion. I am the truth. I'm invisible. Unknowable. You people are the real illusionists. You people are the real illusionists.

Julia: Someone has been in my apartment and they've done things, little things, to let me know that he's there.

John Clifford: He manipulated his voice so that she believed he was outside, and he never was, not at the end. That's why the doctor never saw anyone! He was inside the house with her! This is going to sound crazy, but we're looking for a ventriloquist.

Julia Jenz: Go away! Leave me alone! Please.
William Landis: Listen to me very carefully. You don't live here, do you? You're just a babysitter. Have you been upstairs in the last five minutes?
Julia Jenz: Why?
William Landis: I don't think you're alone in this house. Someone's upstairs. I've seen them moving around through the windows. You should get out of there. Now.

Continuity mistake: Julia is apparently being helpful towards the stranger at the door. She is taking notes as he says his name and auto club card number. She is casting a visible shadow on the door, entirely gone in the close-up of the door itself. (00:08:15)

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