Trivia: Nolan North, who does motion capture in the games for Nathan Drake, is on the beach at the resort. He asks Nate and Chloe what happened, and they say they fell out of a plane. He says that happened to him once. He's referring to the third game in the Uncharted series where similar events happen.

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Factual error: The chambers underneath Barcelona begin flooding when the group activates the mechanism, threatening to drown Nate and Chloe. Two problems here: 1) the chamber that they are in is not watertight, they just closed a flimsy stone door that would leak or burst open and free them; and 2) since these chambers have vents leading to the sewer grates outside (which Sully yells through to communicate), why aren't they already flooded from 4 centuries of rainwater and sewage?

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Suggested correction: Water tight does not mean it can't flood. As long as water is going in faster than it is going out, the level will rise. That also explains why it isn't perpetually flooded from rain over the years. If it isn't water tight, it will slowly drain.

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