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Continuity mistake: After the sheriff is killed Sam and Dewey leave to go to the hospital and it's daylight. On their drive to the hospital it's dark out. Then when they take Dewey's body out of the hospital and Gayle shows up it's suddenly light again.

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Suggested correction: You can see the sun setting at several cut sways during their drive, and Tara's room is getting naturally darker as the hospital scene plays out before Ghostface arrives. Then when the scene of Gale arriving in the morning takes place you can tell it's sunrise outside, meaning the events of the hospital took place overnight.

Character mistake: Sam tells Mindy at Martha's, "Come on, it's just a movie", in response to her idea the killers are Stab fanatics making a "requel". In diegesis terms, it makes no sense that Sam questions this motive: Dewey states in a previous scene to her, "Your killer's obsessed with the Stab movies, right?" Contextually, she is Billy's daughter, knows his motive was based on horror film obsession; her would-be schoolmate at Woodsboro High (2 grades above), Charlie (Scream 4), was also a Stab fanatic killer. (00:41:00)

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Suggested correction: Billy says his motive is about Sidney's mother tearing apart his family causing his mother to abandon them. We have no information to go off in terms of his motive other than that. Also, considering Charlie died super fast, and the news was covering Jill when she arrived at the hospital focusing on her as a survivor, it would have been a huge media focus when she turned out to be the killer. I doubt Charlie got much fame. Sam's knowledge is limited to "back in 2011 some kids did this."

Also, where do you get Sam having been in school with Charlie. If Charlie was a senior in high school in 2011, Sam was born in 1997 at the latest after the events of Scream, less likely 1996 which would make her even younger. This would make Charlie 3-4 years older than her. It's entirely possible she knew nothing about his existence until after the 2011 killing spree.

Plot hole: Samantha has watched Stab, knows her father's story, and yet does not recognize she is entering Stu Macher's house. The cancelled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, seen in Scream 3, confirms Stu's house exterior looks exactly the same from the original Stab, and is being re-used as a prop for that film. (00:01:26)


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Suggested correction: This isn't necessarily a plot hole. You can't expect characters to know whether characters in any given universe would know if a house was previously owned by a murderer, even if that murderer was famous and depicted as such. For example, there are many houses that look identical to the Amityville Horror house in real life, but aren't the real one. In fact, they didn't film the Amityville movies at the real Amityville house, they filmed it at one that was identical.

Cont: who is to say there aren't houses in Woodsboro that are architecturally similar to the Macher one? There are many streets in the world where houses are essentially identical. Without this clarification we can't assume the individual house was 100% the only one of its kind in universe, nor can we assume there are any. We also don't know what Sam knows of the Stab films, as in how many if any she's watched. I would chalk it up as an unaddressed issue. Ie, criticism is fine, but not a hole.

Other mistake: The Reporter states it has been 25 years "almost to the day" since Billy and Stu died (1996), making it September 2021. Tara is a high school senior, and her older sister, Sam, Billy's daughter, is stated multiple times as 5 years older, 23 at best. Many Easter eggs on Richie's laptop state STAB 8 is a 2021 release, which was "last year" according to Sam and Mindy in separate scenes, making the film set 2022, 26 years ago. Sam is 1-2 years younger than she should be, or Tara is 20. (00:57:14 - 01:47:18)


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Trivia: When Richie is watching YouTube, the video review he watches talking about "Stab 8" features a cameo from James A. Janisse and his wife Chelsea Rebecca. They are popular YouTubers who run various horror-themed shows on their channel "Dead Meat." As of 2022, they have over 5 million subscribers.


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Question: Why can Liv McKenzie not go to see Tara Carpenter, her co-worker/close friend after her near-murder attack? Her absence is done to draw suspicion on her, but as she is later revealed to not be the killer, the question is left unanswered in the film. (00:15:45)


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