Sing 2

Plot hole: Assuming the reclusive Clay Calloway kept all his doors and windows locked, there is no way Ash and Buster would have got inside his house.

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Suggested correction: 1) Why would you assume he kept the doors and windows locked? Besides being inconvenient, he has an electrified fence to keep out trespassers. 2) Ash and Buster were brought into the house while they were unconscious by Calloway himself.

Plot hole: Johnny's dad jumps in his truck and gets to Johnny in moments. That same journey was shown to be an overnight bus journey for everyone else.

Continuity mistake: The three white rabbits in the opening scenes have red, purple, and pink sunglasses. In the revealing shot for Rosita, two of them are wearing purple and one of them is wearing red. In the next shot, their glasses return to normal.

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Buster Moon: Dream big dreams. That's what they always said, right?

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