You Only Live Twice

Revealing mistake: During the car chase scene, if you watch the speedometer on the car, it never rises above zero. That and the obviously poor image quality of the "road" in front of them shows that they were using projected film in front of the car.


Revealing mistake: In the car chase, the girl keeps the steering wheel straight all the time (in the shot from inside the car), although the street is not straight at all.


Revealing mistake: When the submarine surfaces with the life raft on the casing at the end of the film, the water movement looks a bit odd because the scene was actually shot with the sub diving and floating the raft off, the film then being played backwards.

Revealing mistake: When the ninjas enter the volcano one of them slices a SPECTRE man in the back with a sword, however there is no mark.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the launch platform is moving in Blofeld's cave to move the rocket to the Volcano crater for launching, there is a close up of the platforms wheels. Some are moving in the right direction,others aren't moving at all,making it look like the plastic model that it was. If it was a real platform, the weight alone would have made all the wheels turn in the same direction.

Revealing mistake: When Blofeld destroys the volcano lair, as the camera is showing a view of the volcano, you can see the pressure waves move the bodies on the floor and tell that they are obviously dummies.

Revealing mistake: When the rocket lands in the Volcano lair, you can see the thread used to lower it; a crane hook is even visible at the top of the screen.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: While Bond is taking his "civilized" bath with his Japanese counterpart and four ladies, there are two shots where you can see James wearing skin-colored swim trunks.

Larry Koehn

Revealing mistake: The gunman sitting in the back of the black sedan who shot at Bond coming out of the Osato building is not the same guy sitting when the sedan is picked up by the helicopter Tanaka sent to help Bond and Aki.

Revealing mistake: When Blofeld's rocket Bird 1 lifts off, a part of the gantry moves up as well. A device to lift up the model. (01:37:15)


Revealing mistake: When the helicopter with the magnet drops the villains' car into the ocean, look carefully and you can see that the car is empty.

Revealing mistake: When Tanaka's train starts moving neither Bond, Tanaka nor the girl is seen to feel the acceleration. They stand/walk perfectly steady. That is impossible in an accelerating train. It is clear that it's only the lights moving on the wall.

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: Obvious model toy helicopters are used during the Nellie fight, with the models having no pilots inside.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: Upon capturing the Soviet spacecraft, SPECTRE's spacecraft does some attitude maneuvering with small rockets on the side of the hull. The rockets fire visible exhaust from screen-left to screen-right, but flecks of the stuff slow to a halt and accelerate backwards, right to left, exactly as if the spaceship model were standing upright with the camera tilted sideways, which is exactly what was done.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film during Bond's "funeral", the shot cuts to a man watching the funeral from a boat through a pair of binoculars. The camera then moves to the newspaper next to him showing an "article" reporting Bond's murder. If you look closely at the "article" itself, you can see it was actually pasted onto the actual local newspaper. They probably bought a local newspaper and pasted the fake article over it to make it look authentic.


Revealing mistake: When one of the ninjas places an explosive charge on the bottom of the fake crater lake roof it wobbles and can be seen its made of plastic - even though Bond earlier said it was metal.

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: Every time Bond is in the white Toyota, and they use a back screen projection look at the top of the windscreen, it has completely disappeared each side of the rear view mirror.

Revealing mistake: Look closely at the device Bond is using to open Osato's safe. Before he presses the button to reveal the individual number you can see what the number is going to be.


Revealing mistake: When Bond notices the safe while looking at the mirror inside the liquor closet he turns around to look at the actual safe and the same shot seen in the mirror is used for Bond's point of view.


Revealing mistake: During the car chase scene, if you watch the speedometer on the car, it never rises above zero. That and the obviously poor image quality of the "road" in front of them shows that they were using projected film in front of the car.


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Aki: You wouldn't touch that horrible woman, would you?
James Bond: Oh heaven forbid.

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Trivia: For production Designer Ken Adam's giant Pinewood volcano set, some 700 tons of steel were used and some 250,000 square yards of canvas. It featured a working monorail and elevators and cost $1 million to produce.

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