Tuff Turf

Tuff Turf (1985)


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Directed by: Fritz Kiersch

Starring: James Spader, Kim Richards, Paul Mones

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Movie Quote Quiz

Frankie Croyden: How many bullets are left in this gun, Nick? Enough for Morgan? For my father? For everybody else who doesn't fit in your turf?

Mickey: How much longer are we gonna be doing this, man? I'm about to pee in my pants.
Eddie: So shoot it out the window, man. Christ, just use your head.
Mickey: Not a bad idea. Good news, America. Coming through. Hey, it's chilly out here.

Stuart Hiller: Can you fix it?
Morgan Hiller: Yeah, as soon as I learn how to walk on water, I'll get right on it, Dad.

Morgan Hiller: What do I do right now?
Stuart Hiller: Right now, you do what you... really wanna do. Do whatever it is that you know is right. That you believe in. That's all. And feel good about it.
Stuart Hiller: ...Look, son. Life isn't a problem to be solved. It's a mystery to be lived. So live it.

Brian Hiller: If you leave this house, I'll have you picked up within 24 hours.
Morgan Hiller: Great, I could use all the help I can get tonight.

Feather: Come on, Ronnie, Jimmy isn't your type.
Ronnie: Well, maybe if you moved the hair out of your eyes.
Feather: Don't touch.
Ronnie: ...you'd see how wrong you are.

Jimmy Parker: Too bad they took your car, man.
Morgan Hiller: I don't own a car, man.

Character mistake: Morgan Hiller's father is named Stewart (according to the story as well as credits). But in one scene when Morgan and his parents are having dinner, Mrs. Hiller calls him (her husband) "David" one time (instead of Stewart).

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