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Other mistake: When Al Pacino reads the magazine (Grazia) with the news of Maurizio's wedding, the article is probably a reproduction (with the actors' picture in place of the actual Maurizio and Patrizia) of a news story about the actual wedding, so the details conflict entirely with the fabricated story. You can easily read (in Italian of course) that they met in 1971 (1978 in this movie), there are over 500 guests to the wedding (much more of a private affair here) and Maurizio had to ask some of his friends to introduce Patrizia to him and asked her out, which is the opposite of what happens here. (00:28:40)

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Other mistake: When Patrizia watches Pina Auriemma's commercial, the word "verità" ('truth') is written twice wrong (no accent), and most importantly, the phone number is a 800 number, which was not a valid number in Italy back then, being a modern (post-1999) prefix for toll-free services. In the 80s, TV fortune reading services as the one the movie wants to portray would have a normal area code. (00:40:00)

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Other mistake: The IRS agent that knocks at the door of Aldo's squash booth sports a badge that is more phony than a football bat; it doesn't have a name, expiration date, or a full sentence on it. (01:21:05)

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Other mistake: The hour of Maurizio Gucci's death was declared as being at around 8 am, but when he rides his bike going to the "crime scene", on the street there is a clock showing 9:40.

Continuity mistake: When Aldo and Rodolfo first meet, the hat on the table swaps between being on the sunny side or in the shadows, depending on the shot.

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Patrizia Reggiani: It was a name that sounded so sweet... Synonymous with wealth, style, power. But that name was a curse, too.

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Question: Did the Guccis ever own a Klimt painting, were they not in the Netherlands until 1998? Were they not Nazi plunder?

Answer: No.

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