Red Notice

Other mistake: That old Mercedes-Benz would have never started, as the lithium-ion battery should be flat after 90 years of storage.

Other mistake: Nolan Booth says "If you have more than twelve images on the internet, I can send your mom a video of you mouth-sexting a goat." In the Swedish dub, "mouth-sexting" is replaced with "mouth-fucking", whose meaning is completely different from the original.


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Suggested correction: He says Mouth Sexing, not Mouth Sexting, so the translation is correct.

Continuity mistake: When Hartley arrives at the Russian prison, as he's led down the corridor the handcuffs are around both his wrists with the double bars facing out, chained at the center, but when the handcuffs are removed in his cell note the handcuff is on the opposite way around his right wrist. (00:22:20)

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Nolan Booth: This whole time you were working for her?
John Hartley: Not for, with. Like partners.
The Bishop: Yeah, we're both The Bishop. Surprise.
John Hartley: There are two bishops in chess.
The Bishop: And a whole lotta pawns.

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Trivia: White Booth pushes down a Police guy in the museum at Rome, a Wilhelm scream can be heard.


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