Color Out of Space

Color Out of Space (2019)


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Ward: What touched this place cannot be quantified or understood by human science. It was just a color out of space. A messenger from realms whose existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the gulfs that it throws open before our frenzied eyes.

Nathan: Drink? I'm having one.

Ward: Oh, hey, I will let you know if I see G-spot.
Ezra: You might see her, but I don't think you'll recognize her.

Lavinia: What're you gonna do?
Nathan: Handle it.
Lavinia: Like you handled the alpacas?

Benny: I mean, how can any of this even be possible?
Lavinia: That thing from the meteorite happened to them. It changes everything around it.
Benny: Not just matter. Time as well. Time, it stretches around it, like when you're approaching a black hole, right? I mean... I mean, how long have we been sitting here? How long has it been since Dad went out to the car?

Revealing mistake: When Nathan and Theresa are talking on the front porch, the background is fake (and mostly blurred). The white picket fence just doesn't look real. A hanging plant on the porch sways a little from wind but the two nearby trees (leaves/branches) are stationary. Next, one tree gets a gust of wind while the other one does not and the remaining trees in the background do not show any movement. (00:13:50)


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