The 2nd

The 2nd (2020)

5 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Early in the film when Jake gets in his car to head off to pick up his son, his seatbelt is on although there is no sight of him putting it on, then, as he pulls away the seatbelt is off.


Continuity mistake: Erin's dorm room door is not consistently the same. The door knob is initially unusually low, but higher thereafter. The posters and decorations are probably less than one foot higher than the door knob, but are higher later. At times, the posters and decorations should be within the camera's range but cannot be seen. Sometimes, Erin's head is almost to the blue along the top of the calendar, but is a few inches lower other times. (00:18:40 - 00:19:45)


Continuity mistake: The sign in the hallway (only "hole" is visible) is closer to the two light brown doors to the right before Erin's dorm room door on the left, but looks closer to Erin's door when Sproule goes to her room. The white frame on Erin's door also changes to a wider blue above Sproule's head. (00:18:32 - 00:30:53)


Revealing mistake: Vic jumped onto the roof of the white van while it was moving. The van driver started weaving to get Vic off the roof - but Vic could not be seen at all when there was a front view of the van. Even if Vic were lying on the roof, at least part of him should have been visible. (01:04:04)


Continuity mistake: The white van headed toward the parked truck in the construction zone was about one car length away from colliding. There was a switch to an aerial view and the white van was several car lengths away from the truck. (01:06:51)


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