Snoopy Come Home

Snoopy Come Home (1972)

4 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: When Snoopy and Woodstock lie down after finishing their meal at the camp, you can see there is still food on both their plates, but in the next shot the food has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Clara is chasing Snoopy and Woodstock, she is holding a leash in her hand. When Clara is standing at the top of the stairs and sees Snoopy and Woodstock run past, the leash has disappeared, but when Clara slides down the banister, the leash is back in her hand again.

Character mistake: During the monopoly game, Peppermint Patty rolls a 12 on the dice but only moves 7 squares.

Charlie Brown: Hmm, a letter to Snoopy. What a surprise. I never get any mail. I had 15 pen pals once, and they let me do all the writing.

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Trivia: This film marked the on-screen debut of Woodstock.

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