Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the scene with Thena in the cave, she changes the weapons in her hand to two swords. It cuts to a closer angle, then another, and she (deliberately, not a mistake) switches one weapon to a curved blade. Cut to a wider angle, and someone forgot to add the CGI for that blade, because Angelina Jolie's left hand is gripping thin air there. (02:01:55)

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Revealing mistake: Both Sersi and the student she saved have been covered by the fine dust she turned a fossil into, but the only trace of it is a little dust on top of the girl's hair; there's not a speck on her uniform or anywhere else. (00:09:55)

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Revealing mistake: During the attack on Druig's village, there's a shot of Gilgamesh and Thena running towards the camera, then stopping as two Deviants fly over them. During this scene, you can see Don Lee (Gilgamesh) briefly look straight at the camera (he's not looking at either the village or the Deviants, since they headed in the opposite direction). (01:13:50)

Factual error: Druig leads several warriors outside Tenochtitlan as it was sacked by the Spanish conquistadores, and they live peacefully in the nearby forest, for 500 years. The forest is of course the virgin Amazon forest, as captions say. Small problem; Tenochtitlan was in Central Mexico.

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Suggested correction: It never says that the people who live with Druig in the Amazon in the present day are descendants of the people from Tenochtitlan. Nor does it ever say that the forest outside Tenochtitlan is the Amazon. He's probably been moving around for the last five centuries just as the other Eternals have.


Never ever? He literally says "Do you remember this forest? Beautiful. It's the last place we all lived together. I've protected these people for 20 generations." They split after their argument during the sack of the town. If their base of operations exterminating the mutant space dogs in Mexico was in the Amazon forest, their logistic could use some work.

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Just because the last time they fought together was in Tenochtitlan doesn't mean that was the last time they lived together. They may have spent some time living peacefully in the Amazon before moving north to do their business in Tenochtitlan. And just because he's protected the people for twenty generations doesn't mean they're descendants of the people from Tenochtitlan. He may have found them later. We don't know every detail of the Eternals' history. You're just making assumptions.


You are assuming the presence of a third party stranded for 500 years that the movie never showed before, different from the people that he led out of the city and that we have then to postulate he let go, in a location far off from the one of their last encounter. It's an assumption on entirely new details that you had to make up. My only assumption is to think that what is shown in the movie had purpose and fits, and someone just borked a caption.

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Who says they're stranded? He just said he had protected them for twenty generations. They'd probably always lived there. You're making the assumption that they must be the same people because nobody said they weren't. But nobody said they were either. Nobody in the film ever made a connection between the people in Tenochtitlan and the people in the Amazon. No mistake has therefore been made in either the dialogue or the captions.


I noticed the same problem, the scene indicates the location as "Amazon" (it could be any of the Spanish speaking countries that have part of this forest), but then, Druig comes with the affirmation you pointed. It's obviously a geographical inaccuracy.

They don't speak Spanish in the Amazons.

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Sersi: We're Eternals. We came here seven thousand years ago, to protect humans from the Deviants.

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Trivia: After 13 years and 26 films, this is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to receive a "rotten" rating from Rotten Tomatoes upon release. This is somewhat ironic given that there were reports that Marvel considered it the best film they had made yet, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige felt it could be a nominee for Best Picture at the Oscars, particularly as its director ChloƩ Zhao had recently won the Best Director Oscar for Nomadland, which also won Best Picture.

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