CODA (2021)


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Directed by: Sian Heder

Starring: Emilia Jones, Marlee Matlin, Troy Kotsur

Genres: Drama, Music

Movie Quote Quiz

Frank Rossi: You know why God made farts smell? So deaf people could enjoy them too.

Frank Rossi: The song you sang tonight. What was it about?
Ruby Rossi: It was about... what it is to need another person.
Frank Rossi: Can you sing it for me?

Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the film Ruby says goodbye to her family and gets in the car to head to college. The car pulls away from her home and drives for about 5 seconds when Ruby yells "stop the car". She exits the car which is positioned nearly exactly where it was when they started on the families' property.


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Trivia: This is the first film distributed by a streaming service and the first starring predominantly deaf actors to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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