Out of Death

Out of Death (2021)

2 mistakes

(1 vote)

Directed by: Mike Burns

Starring: Bruce Willis, Jaime King, Lala Kent

Genres: Crime, Thriller

Factual error: Georgia license plates have the county (where issued) at the bottom of the plate, but the plate on Jimmy's truck does not show any county. (00:08:32)


Revealing mistake: The "unnatural seam" (line) across Jimmy's forehead and beyond - as well as the overall appearance of his head - indicates that he is NOT "naturally bald"! His "fake" bald head was not put on nearly as well as those seen in numerous other movies. [The actor playing the character does not have much hair in real life, but he also doesn't have that artifical line across his forehead.]. (00:07:13)


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