Perfect Friday

Perfect Friday (1970)


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Directed by: Peter Hall

Starring: David Warner, Stanley Baker, Ursula Andress

Genres: Comedy, Crime

Movie Quote Quiz

Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset: Are you Graham?
Mr. Graham: Yes.
Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset: What do you want?
Mr. Graham: I'd like to escape, I imagine we both would.
Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset: I'm perfectly fine.
Mr. Graham: You have no money.
Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset: Have you?
Mr. Graham: I intend getting some.

Mr. Graham: I want you, my lord, to grow a moustache.
Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset: That's a joke in extremely bad taste.

Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset: I don't know why I can't use my own tailor in London.
Mr. Graham: One can't be too careful.
Lord Nicholas "Nick" Dorset: You can't possibly understand what an ordeal it is to wear clothes made by a stranger.

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