Love and Monsters
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Clyde: Good instincts are earned by making mistakes.

Joel: It kind of feels like everything is impossible these days.

Clyde: You can always tell in their eyes, just look at their eyes.

Joel: I'm alive because of the generosity of a few strangers and the kindness of a dog.

Cap: There's no mission more admirable than love.

Clyde: You made it all this way for a girl, huh? Do you ever hear of the term fool's errand?

Minnow: I take back what I said before, Aimee is going to love you.

Joel: We lost a lot of people over the years. You would think you get numb to it after a certain point. You don't.

Joel: Thanks for inspiring me to take this trip. It's the best decision I ever made.

Joel: I've been sensible all my life. It's gotten me nowhere.

Joel: I don't want to die all alone at the end of the world.

Factual error: Joel is using a ham radio set to contact his old colony. A shot of the radio set shows it is set to "CW", which is Morse Code, but he is using voice. And the strength meter is on zero. It should be showing the signal strength. (01:24:00)


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