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Other mistake: Aerial views of Yonder gave the impression that a basic grid pattern was used - parallel horizontal and parallel vertical lines that form right angles; yards were of equal area, either a square or rectangular lot. [However, some of the views from the couple's car as they were trying to find the exit showed some slightly curved roads that didn't fit the grid.] Following the sun as a way out, the couple was jumping over fence after fence - but they could've simply walked along perpendicular roads.


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Suggested correction: But they tried getting out using the road by car, and they felt that the roads were causing them to go into a loop. So instead they take a route they know for sure is straight. Btw, Yonder isn't real so the way the roads bend and how the grids are made up is purely an optical illusion.


Walking (not driving) along the perpendicular fences would be the same difference only easier and less exerting. If/when they encountered a fence that looked different, that's when they could jump over it to see if it made a difference. How could they "know for sure" that the fences they were jumping over took them in a straight line? Also, they realised the clouds weren't real, so following something in the sky (the sun) was not necessarily a good idea. [This will be my only response here.].


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Trivia: The cuckoo bird was used at the beginning of the movie to point out what a parasitic bird does - secretly lays eggs in the nest of another bird species and leaves them for the different species to raise as their own. Another "brood parasite" that many people might be more familiar with is the Brown-headed cowbird. If all goes as intended, the different species, such as a Cardinal, will take care of the eggs until they hatch and continue feeding fledgings. Sometimes, "alien" eggs are evicted.


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