Those Who Wish Me Dead
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Hannah: I'm feeling naughty.
Vic: Well, me being the team player... -I guess I can help you with that.
Hannah: I do not have sex with a man I have seen shit in the woods.
Vic: Get the fuck out of here. I have the very same rule.
Hannah: You don't have sex with men who shit in the woods?

Hannah: We looked it right in the eye.
Ryan: What was it like?
Hannah: It was beautiful.
Connor: I didn't think it was beautiful, it scared the shit out of me.
Ryan: Well, it scared the shit out of me too, sport.

Jack: I hate this fucking place.
Allison: It hates you back.

Factual error: The Channel 5 WNP Newscaster said, "it is now believed he [District Attorney Berdido] and his family were killed..." and running along the bottom of the screen was "4 confirmed dead in Fort Lauderdale gas explosion." This was a LIVE report showing two streams of water onto the house still burning inside. An investigation would barely, if at all, be started at this time and no-one would be "confirmed dead" this early. It would not even be known if anyone was home when the house exploded. (00:04:34 - 00:04:55)


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