Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Plot hole: A core plot point (lifted by the comics) is that Venom needs phenethylamine, and the only way to get it is from brains and from chocolate. Let's just go with it and forget the fact that phenethylamine can be legally purchased as dietary supplement, which would solve every problem. So, Venom gets incredibly angry because Mrs. Chen's shop ran out of chocolates, and *therefore* they need to go raid a chicken plant to eat some chicken brain. Uh, Venom lives in San Francisco. Chocolate is sold everywhere. If Mrs. Chen ran out of it, there are hundreds of stores and vending machines that have it in abundance. The escalation does not make sense.

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Suggested correction: The point is he needs to steal it. At Mrs. Chen's shop he gets it for free because he protects her from robbers. Eddie doesn't have the money to buy all the chocolate Venom needs all the time. Stealing some chickens as an alternative is better than trying to shoplift at a different store.


In the rest of the movie Eddie lives in his old apartment constantly in need of repairs, but shows zero serious money problems. He has lavish breakfasts, and he replaces the $2,000 TV the same day. Raiding the chicken place appears riskier than slipping his symbiote in a vending machine or shoplift, especially if it's just temporary - again assuming he's so poor that he literally has no money to eat, which is something the movie should have let us know, instead of pointing to the contrary and making him talk angrily about the need for them to not draw attention.

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Not only are the original mistake and Sammo 100% correct, but chocolate isn't exactly expensive. You can get 5 pound bulk orders of melting chocolate on Amazon for like... $25. And that's just a quick 2-second Amazon search. You could probably get it even cheaper elsewhere online. Even if Eddie hypothetically has little money (which doesn't seem to be the case - he has a nicely sized apartment in a major city, new TV, etc.), it's still ridiculous that he couldn't get his hands on chocolate. This is definitely a case of the movie ignoring practicality and reason to manufacture a funny situation.


I agree. There are many other stores that sell candy so all Eddie had to do was to go to one of those instead. Plus, at the end of the first movie, Eddie told Ann that he was going to become an investigative journalist, so he has a new job.

Suggested correction: Which would you rather have phenethylamine, chicken, or chocolate for dinner? That's like saying just because we need food to survive...we should just eat anything or buy our base vitamins and minerals over the counter and from the store.


Sure. How does that have anything to do with the entry? Venom wanted chocolate for dinner and not chicken, supplements to a diet don't mean that you can't eat actual food and the main point was and is that if a store in a metropolis is sold out of chocolate of any kind, there are a dozen other stores in a few blocks' radius who sell it without you having to resort to crime to eat it.

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Plot hole: It is of course possible that Eddie Brock heard nothing at all about the biggest news in the whole city and State if he did not turn the TV, check the phone or computer for about 24 hours. But there has been a manhunt for Kasady for that long of a time and nobody including the police checked on the one man Kasady is trying to kill, and who was chilling at home all along. Also, obviously the "breaking news" moment is not breaking nor news. (00:40:25)

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Plot hole: Venom has a photographic memory; he reproduces Kasady's sketch, an outline that matches perfectly a result (already on screen) of the google image-y search page for Rodeo Beach, California. Sure, it's a movie, but this plot device straight from Rise of Skywalker means that Kasady also had to have a photographic memory and that someone took a photo exactly from that one precise spot that happens to be also the exact one that showed up in "WebFindit." A couple of coincidences too many. (00:11:10)

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Continuity mistake: In the first "Present day" scene, the Ravencroft wardens enter Shriek's cell to feed her. She is lying on one side in the establishing dolly, and she's just lying on her back in the next shot. (00:04:10)

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Cletus Kasady: Every decision we ever make, who do we leave behind? And how do we leave them? Waiting in the darkness, but the rescuer never comes.

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Trivia: Carnage's love interest Shriek will make her movie debut here.


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Question: How did Cletus of all people know of Eddie getting dumped by Anne and being abused by his father? Were those stories publicized?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Those are things Cletus would have talked about during their interviews. Eddie ignored all that and concentrated on finding the other bodies, so Cletus feels like Eddie didn't tell his side of the story.

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