Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Plot hole: Venom has a photographic memory; he reproduces Kasady's sketch, an outline that matches perfectly a result (already on screen) of the google image-y search page for Rodeo Beach, California. Sure, it's a movie, but this plot device straight from Rise of Skywalker means that Kasady also had to have a photographic memory and that someone took a photo exactly from that one precise spot that happens to be also the exact one that showed up in "WebFindit." A couple of coincidences too many. (00:11:10)

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Cletus Kasady: Every decision we ever make, who do we leave behind? And how do we leave them? Waiting in the darkness, but the rescuer never comes.

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Trivia: Carnage's love interest Shriek will make her movie debut here.


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Question: How did Patrick Mulligan get a piece of a symbiote? He was killed by Shriek, not by a piece of Carnage.

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Answer: It is deliberately never shown on screen, so unless it gets answered in a sequel the audience is left to speculate. Mulligan does come into direct contact with Carnage since Cletus is the person who kidnapped him. In addition, the fight between Venom and Carnage takes place all over the church with the pair constantly stabbing, slashing, and bludgeoning each other. A piece of either symbiote could be somewhere in that building. Again, though this is just speculation since it's never shown how Mulligan is infected.


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