What's Love Got To Do With It?

Revealing mistake: At the pool party, when Ike loses his temper and knocks Tina to the floor, you hear her screaming as he lands 3 punches. When he raises his fists, there's no blood on his fingers. Despite after he drags her into the bedroom, her nose is covered in blood.

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Continuity mistake: When Tina first becomes a Buddhist, they show a scene of her chanting while Ike is in the other room turning up the volume of his stereo to tune her out. Several scenes later (and several years later, according to the subheadings) after Ike and Tina are divorced, they show the same scene of Tina chanting. Her hair and outfit are the same; it's actually the same exact scene.

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Ike Turner, Sr.: Hey, Anna Mae, where you goin'? I need to get some sleep.
Tina Turner: Go straight to hell, Ike.

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