What Lies Beneath

Character mistake: Claire's behavior makes no sense and is intirely implausible and unrealistic. For example: Whenever Claire talks about the ghost, she never mentions any of her compelling observations. When she tells Norman about the seance, she incorrectly says that nothing happened. Claire wakes Norman up to look at the Feur driveway after the apparent body-bag is already in the closed trunk. What did she want him to observe? A car? An empty driveway?

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Suggested correction: People already wonder if Claire is unstable right now. Her daughter left for college. She sometimes takes anxiety medication (she told the therapist). Her husband is a practical, realistic scientist. Those could all be reasons why she thinks that her observations will be dismissed. Also, reasons to not say much about a seance. Regarding the car, Norman didn't move fast enough see everything before Mr. Feur left. Again, he might simply think Claire is imaginative and nosy at this time.

Continuity mistake: When Harrison Ford is watching his wife laying in the bathtub ready to drown, the camera shoots her head several times between cutaways to Ford and the running water. Watch her head relative to the top of the tub in the various shots. In some her head is much higher than in others yet her body never moves.

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Jody: You stole the dead woman's shoe?

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Trivia: There are more than a few Hitchcock references in this movie. Most notably Harrison Ford's character - Norman (Psycho), suspecting the neighbour of murdering his wife (Rear Window), Michelle Pfeiffer falling in the shower and pulling the shower curtain down with her (Psycho). There are many others if you watch for them.

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Question: What did the letters M E F that kept showing up on Claire's computer mean?

Answer: They are the initials of Madison Elizabeth Frank, the woman Norman was having an affair with and later killed.

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