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Corrected entry: The original book takes place roughly near the end of Vietnam and In 2016, women were officially welcome to join military special forces. So, it makes sense that one might wonder if there are any female Navy SEALs currently serving. Well, the short answer is no, but it's not for a lack of trying. In simple terms, no female has been able to successfully complete Navy SEAL training yet.

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Correction: At best this is trivia. Just because in real life no woman has yet qualified to be a SEAL doesn't mean a fictional character can't - it's certainly allowed for any woman who meets the criteria. Since this film isn't set during Vietnam, there's nothing stopping Greer from being a SEAL.


Correction: The U.S. Navy does not have any women in the Navy Seal ranks, however one did pass the Navy Seal Officer training Course. My source is here...

This was the 2-week program (pre-selection) and not the 24-week program required to complete SEAL training.


Navy Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) training is approximately 71 weeks from entry into Navy Recruit Training (8 weeks), completion of Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School (8 weeks), Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training (24 weeks), Navy Special Warfare Parachute Course (5 weeks), and SEAL Qualification Training (26 weeks), for a grand total of a little over 16 months of training to earn the Special Warfare insignia (SEAL "Trident").

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Continuity mistake: On the rooftop while shooting at the Russians, John dives through a skylight. In a side shot he's falling back first, then he lands on his front.

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