Colette (2018)


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Willy: You're overreacting. This was purely a business decision.
Colette: Isn't that what our whole marriage has been? Wasn't I the best investment you ever made? No dowry, but my God, she can write for her keep.

Colette: It's the hand that holds the pen that writes history.

Colette: I Can Read You Like The Top Line of an Optician's Chart.

Colette: My name is Gabrielle Colette and the hand that holds the pen writes history.

Colette: Did you ever feel like you were playing a part, Sido?
Sido: In what way?
Colette: As a wife. Or a mother. Like you were just going through with it.
Sido: Sometimes, as a wife. Never as a mother.

Continuity mistake: When Willy is in bed looking at photos with the camera behind his ear, his cup of coffee is directly in front of his hands. A moment later when the camera shifts to in front of him, his coffee is way off to his side, nowhere near his line of sight. (01:00:12)


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