The Suicide Squad

Deliberate mistake: When King Shark grabs the guard from behind and eats him, he screams loudly, but nobody reacts to it, not even his buddy who just went left to fetch a drink. Later Cena and Elba kill 'silently' every other guard, but when they get to a group of three that Bloodsport yo-yos to death, it's pretty impossible that those three could have missed the carnage just a little off to the left. Then again, at the end a whole tower gets demolished without anyone noticing, so It'has to be deliberate. (00:33:05)

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Continuity mistake: An personal assistant brings news about the attack on Jotunheim. Suarez turns towards her holding a sheet, but in the previous shot he already threw the document on the desk striking a pensive pose. (01:22:05)

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Thinker: This is suicide.
Rick Flag: Well, that's kind of our thing.

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Question: In the opening scene, after the bird is hit; did anyone else think the blood on the ball makes a crude Bat signal?


Answer: Yes, it did.

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