Nobody (2021)

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Continuity mistake: RZA is first seen using a bolt action rifle in a left-handed configuration but in later shots the rifle is right-handed. Not sure if they mirrored the image in the close up because they couldn't get the right camera angle or if they were genuinely trying to make his character appear left-handed. (01:16:02 - 01:17:49)

Revealing mistake: When making traps, he's harvesting powder from a spent shell (primer has been struck). (01:05:50)

Other mistake: While being shot at in the Challenger, you can see most of the rounds impact on the driver side door but more importantly the bulk land where they would be hitting Hutch without a doubt, and car doors aren't bulletproof. (01:15:01)

Continuity mistake: In one scene after Hutch is beaten up on the bus, he has no facial injuries. Then in the next scene, they are back.

Deliberate mistake: Hutch states he had a "Suppressed H&K USP .45 at the back of his head. The picture shows a H&K USP 9mm. (00:58:40)

Movie Medic

Other mistake: During Hutch's flashback to when he was about to assassinate the man who skimmed $1 million, he says he was holding an H&K .45. However, at that exact moment you can see "9mm" on the side of the gun.

Deliberate mistake: After the car crashes into the light pole and flips over. The top light is still functioning even though it's nowhere near the original spot.

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Factual error: Neighbor states: '72 Challenger, 4.9-liter, V8. The '72 Challenger came with a 3.7-liter slant-6, 5.2 and 5.6-liter V8. (00:11:30)

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Deliberate mistake: Hutch is in the trunk of a BMW 7 series ranging in years from 2001-2008. The trunk is equipped with an interior trunk release cable if somebody gets trapped in the trunk. While the car is in motion Hutch manages to free himself of his handcuffs and open the trunk. If the trunk is opened while the vehicle is on a light would flash on the drivers display alerting him/her to "trunk ajar" with a little picture of a car with an open trunk. I know I had one for 5 years. (00:51:50)

Other mistake: When the Russians broke into Hutches house they used a shotgun to "unlock" the front door. That would have woken up the neighborhood.

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Factual error: When the neighbor is showing off his Challenger he states it is a 1972. That year Challenger had a different grill. The car he has is either a 1970 or 1971.

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Suggested correction: Look closer at the grille, it's a '72, stated engine is wrong though. Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth never made a 4.9 liter.

Audio problem: When Hutch re-enters the bus, Teddy tries to pull a gun on him. Hutch snatches up a bus grip (a pole made of lightweight, plastic-coated aluminum) and bashes Teddy into submission with it. After Teddy goes down, Hutch tosses the aluminum pole to the rubber-lined floor of the bus, but the sound it makes is that of a heavy iron pipe falling on concrete. Bad sound effects.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: When the camera pans across the back of the police car you see it has blue lights on the top light bar. In the next shot it has all yellow lights.

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Factual error: The film begins and ends with Hutch handcuffed in custody, being interrogated by two police detectives. He was apprehended at the scene of a major violent crime with many fatalities, he has a gunshot wound, and he's a likely murder suspect. In real life, Hutch would be strip searched and treated for injuries under tight security, and he would not be allowed to carry personal effects into the subsequent interrogation. But during the interrogation, Hutch impossibly produces a pack of cigarettes and lighter, a can of cat food, a metal can opener and a live kitten from inside his jacket.

Charles Austin Miller

Hutch Mansell: Give me the goddamn kitty cat bracelet, motherfucker.

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Question: What's with the painting he takes out of the Challenger?

Answer: Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles".

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