Dark Was the Night

Dark Was the Night (2018)

4 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: The tent Marcus had the first night he spent in the woods was a small, basic triangle. The support poles were under the fabric (except for a few inches near the ground) and there was no zippered mesh door. A little later, his tent had largely exposed poles, a zippered mesh door, was a lighter shade or green (or blue), and had "Eureka!" written near the bottom of the door. (00:59:15 - 01:02:41)


Other mistake: There was no nameplate on the judge's desk; there should have been some type of nameplate stating something to the effect: "Honorable Judge ____ Ross." The judge did not receive his due respect. Perhaps it is not surprising that wardrobe thought it was acceptable for Marcus' friend Seamus to wear faded jeans with ripped knees to court. Many judges will tell inappropriately-dressed people to leave the courtroom.


Revealing mistake: Margaret's car and the way it was situated relative to already-parked cars in the courthouse lot was awkward. When she was sitting in the car, the driver's side-view mirror was angled outward yet gave a clear reflection of her face. The car in the row behind her was too close and at an angle, which would have likely blocked her approach. The car to her left was angled like a "V" to her car. These suggest/ indicate a green screen was used. Margaret's car appeared to be parked in the through lane. (00:53:58 - 00:56:52)


Continuity mistake: There are several variations or inconsistencies in Marcus' hair and tie from the time he goes through the metal detector and sits in the courtroom. His hair was consistently "messy", but disheveled right and/or left sides were inconsistent. The tie was fairly snug against his collar at first, but got looser then tighter. (00:54:14 - 00:57:08)


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