Space Sweepers

Stupidity: When the crew think that Dorothy is a robot with a bomb planted in her and is capable of exploding, they begin to think that she is about to explode and attempt to dodge it. Rather than hide somewhere or take cover behind an area that may protect them, they just get down on the floor in front of them and cover their heads with their hands. If they thought the explosion was going to be as deadly as the one they saw on the news, this method of taking cover wouldn't be even remotely effective. (00:24:40)

Casual Person

Stupidity: Sullivan's soldiers enter the Victory and begin killing the Black Fox team. They don't hesitate or waste any time killing them, but when it's time for one of them to kill Hyeo-nu, instead of just shooting him with no qualms, the man approaches him ridiculously slowly, then spends around 12 seconds getting its gun in the right angle to kill him. Presumably done for dramatic effect, but still makes little sense in the context of the scene as they have just been shown to kill without issue. (01:31:00 - 01:31:45)

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: When Sullivan is speaking with the reporter in private, whilst Sullivan is saying "At UTS, we select only the most upstanding citizens to bring to space", the reporter has his left hand and forearm placed on the table, but when it cuts to a closer shot of him, his left arm is suddenly at his side. Then in the next shot, the hand and forearm are suddenly back on the table. (01:04:50)

Casual Person

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