Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, John's neighbor, Ed, is standing behind a wooden fence that is diagonal across the screen. The fence behind Ed is straighter. The angles of the fences indicate they are too close together - perpendicular sides of fences do not form a "V." Also, two BACK sides of fence are shown. Since Ed is within the fenced area, it is his (not John's) fence and the front ("good") side of the fence should be facing John's yard.


Factual error: It would be virtually impossible to get from Atlanta, GA to Thule (Qaanaaq) Greenland in the time-span presented by the movie. The distance from Atlanta, GA to Ottawa, Ontario is approximately (direct) 1,200 miles which would take about 17 hours of driving, not counting breaks and side trips. The distance from Ottawa to Thule is approximately 2,200 miles. Plane type? Taking a guess, range of about 900 miles. Even with no fuel limitation, flying time approx 10 hours.

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Nathan Garrity: My friend Teddy says your life flashes in front of your eyes when you die. I think it would be better if it did that while you lived. That way, you could see all the good memories and be happy.

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Trivia: As the family is leaving home in their car, a neighbor asks that they also take her daughter, Ellie. ELE, pronounced the same as the name, stands for Extinction Level Event.


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