Revealing mistake: When Millie (in the Butcher's body) knocks out the Butcher (in Millie's body) with the mini-golf club, you can see the Butcher react to being hit a split-second before he/she's actually hit. Slow motion helps, but is not required.


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Revealing mistake: When Millie jumps on her shop teacher's back, the teacher switches from the actor to a stunt double as they begin to tumble about. Noticeably, his hair suddenly gets much darker and has less gray in it. You can also get brief glimpses of his face, and it's obviously not the actor.


Continuity mistake: When Millie wakes up at the beginning, in the first shot her comforter is up near her chest. In the next shot, it's instantly down by her knees. And in the next shot, it's instantly up by her waist.


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Millie (Blissfield Butcher): I want my body back.
Blissfield Butcher (Millie): Come and get it.

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Trivia: Costume designer Whitney Anne Adams has a cameo as the dinner lady who runs away from The Butcher in the cafeteria scene.

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