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This movie felt half-baked. The opening scene was really strong, but from there on out, it felt simultaneously rushed and dragged.

The much talked about Mortal Kombat tournament never actually happens, and the impromptu fight scenes, complete with the highly anticipated faithful fatalities, don't occur until the movie is almost over, and most of them don't last very long.

Hopefully if a sequel gets made, they will stick with what worked in the film and vastly improve on its many flaws.

Phaneron Premium member

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Suggested correction: I didn't see any ice puncture the body, certainly not any that would break any window. Later you see dents in the hood, but that doesn't mean the windows should be broken. I've had severe hail damage in real life where the body of the car was dented without any windows being cracked.


At 22:54 you will see multiple dents into the hood up to about an 1-2" deep. At 27:35 you will see multiple dents so deep that the paint is gone and the bare body is showing. Sorry, at that force the windows would at least cracked if not more.

Movie Medic

The glass used in car windshields is about a quarter inch thick, seven times thicker than the sheet metal used in body panels. It is also about five times stronger. It wouldn't necessarily break or crack.


Well you have your view and I have mine. Cheers mate.

Movie Medic

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Trivia: Kano kills the reptile and then he grabs his beating heart with his hand. That's his fatality move from the original game.


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