The Doorman

The Doorman (2020)

2 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: In the locker room, an adjacent locker is closed then open with a yellow shirt hanging inside. Also, Ali takes a uniform jacket out of the locker Borz said she could use and holds it in front of her while they were talking. When they're almost done, Ali is turned around toward the locker and starts to remove a uniform jacket from her locker (as though this is the first time she was seeing it). (00:10:52 - 00:11:35)


Character mistake: NYPD officers have their guns drawn toward the elevator in the Carrington Hotel. When the door opens, Borz, wearing an unbuttoned Carrington jacket - but not the hat or white gloves that the doormen wear - is told by an officer to "hold it" and states that he's "just a doorman." The officer backs up and allows Borz to leave. A police officer would not simply accept the word of anyone in this situation. The person would be handcuffed and detained until the situation is under control and the police determine he was not (or was) involved. (01:24:41 - 01:35:02)


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